August 16, 2007

Standard low beam only kit for $140 shipped
halogen high and HID low beams it will be $175 shipped
bi-xenon kits with two HID bulbs per side (two ballasts per side) are $220 shipped.

The above prices are for the standard 35 watt kit, add $20 for a 42 watt kit and add $40 for a 50 watt kit. The higher the watts, the brighter the lights, most HID kits you see on the road are 35, so you can have the option of being brighter than everybody else by going higher watts.

Took me a whopping 15 minutes to install both sides, very simple and play (all you do is pull your stock bulb out, plug into the ballast with stock plug, then plug the ballast into the light and install).

You can email me at and I can send more pictures and get you more information.

Here is a picture showing a before and after of the 6000K HID installed on a 2002 F-150 with stock headlights

here is a picture of the packaging