September 7, 2004

Hi Folks,

I'm not looking to make any money on this - I just want to ensure it goes to a happy home. So, it's up here first, before being tossed on Craigslist.

What we have here - besides a failure to communicate - is a Flowmaster 70 series, dual-in/dual-out muffler. It's NOT the Big Block II, but I also don't believe it's a Delta Flow. In either case, this one is no longer in production. It was on the truck for just over nine months. It sounds pretty darn awesome - in my application it was much closer to a 50 series in terms of sound. Feel free to check my gallery for mp3 sound files.

A warning to those who may be interested. The reason it's no longer on the truck is because the interior resonance at cruise was too much for my ears. Flowmaster mufflers and GM's 6.0L engine have apparently never played well together in this capacity. If you can tolerate that, or if you have another application, please respond. You pay for shipping, but otherwise it's free.

Take care,