October 15, 2007

I bought this part from truckperformance.com a few weeks back. I'm pursuing a different route with my tahoe now so I no longer need this part. It is brand new, unopened, unpainted, and ready for a new owner. I am asking $250.00 OBO plus shipping. I paid just shy of $400.00 for it. A local sale is ideal but I will deal with out of state buyers at the purchaser's shipping expense. If you want pics I can email them to you but I think most, if not all know what we are talking about here. The bumper will fit 99-02 full size trucks and 00-06 full size SUVs. If you can get the word out to folks on other forums who may be looking for this part I would be very greatful. Thanks for your interest.


Edit: The bumper has been sold.