November 3, 2007

As some of you may know my Tahoe was totaled about 10 days ago. I went through it and took off the parts I thought would be of value or use for some here. I have the factory cat assembly with all four 02 sensors. The parts have about 80K on them. This is a $500.00 dollar part from your local autoparts store. The 02 sensors will rum you about $70.00 each. If you don't live in California you can pick up an aftermarket cat for about $400.00 and the 02 sensors for about $30.00 each off fo Ebay. I'm thinking $300.00 for the whole lot is fair. The parts are in perfect working order. My Tahoe passed smog with flying colors when I bought it in December of 06. Let me know whats up.

Thanks, Abe